Sunday, April 12, 2009

Email fiasco

Like all other political and blog nerds, I've been following with interest the email fiasco which has embarrassed Gordon Brown this weekend. Yet again, it shows how behind the times Labour are in their campaigning strategy. The public are disillusioned with politics and politicians and a nasty smear campaign would be counter productive in my opinion. Labour should be looking, not at destroying other parties with bitchy, snide and cruel lies, but at inspiring, exciting and engaging people about their own ideals. Dirty politics is childish and petty, and most of all, off putting. If you truly believe in your politics, then surely the way to win over voters is by talking about your politics and vision rather than just focusing on smearing others? Yes, you should challenge and even tease the opposition but there's no need to lie or get overly personal.

Then again, maybe what this latest fiasco shows is that Labour don't really have anything positive to offer these days. They're burnt out and tired, and have decided that going down the bitchy route is far easier than focusing on strengthening and repairing the party. What they need to do is take stock of what has gone wrong and think to the future. What they achieved in 1997 was incredible but they must remember that their campaign was based on hope and positive messages - "things can only get better.."

During this recession, people want to be heard and political parties should be focusing on listening, motivating and re energizing people. Negative campaigning is not helping anyone. Gordon Brown needs to take responsibily, apologize and make clear to staff that this kind of campaigning will not be tolerated. Only then can the party hope to recover.


Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...


Simple question - can you confirm that no plaid or assembly staff have been blogging anonymously in tax payers time and posting smears?

Heledd Fychan said...

Simple answer to a simple question - how would I possibly know the answer to that if people were posting anonymously? I always post using my own identity and all the people I know who blog do the same. We certainly don't spread lies or untrue smears. And if people were to do that, well it would never be condoned by the party. Why, do you think it's a fair and effective campaign strategy, to purposefully spread lies and personal ones at that about politicians? I certainly don't.

Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...


Most certainly not – I abhor the things discussed by McBride.

The reason for my question is that I know Plaid staff (party and AMSS) are running political attack blogs anonymously. Its seems this McBride affair is a perfect opportunity to denounce such hypocrisy and underhand tactics. As the party so committed to an open debate online, it seems incredulous that party staff are running attack blogs anonymously, wouldn’t you agree? Either these blogs are operating with party permission, or are being done so behind AMs backs. Neither is particularly suitable…

Are you aware of any plaid staff or party staff writing attack blogs anonymously?

Would you condemn any party staff (particularly taxpayer funded staff like AMSS) who did such a thing?

Heledd Fychan said...

I can hand on heart say that I do not know of any plaid staff who write attack blogs anonymously, and that I have personally never been involved in anonymous blogs or comments. I would condemn anyone from any party who does this in an official capacity. Obviously, the party cannot monitor what staff or members do in their spare time - up to them what they do then. But certainly, It's not something that's done, encouraged or supported by the party centrally.

Anonymous said...

Its seems this McBride affair is a perfect opportunity to denounce such hypocrisy and underhand tactics.So basically you're upset by the possibility of bloggers 'doing a Marcus'?