Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Budget

Plenty of other bloggers and analysts have written about today's horribly depressing budget so I won't go on about it. All I can think of is how apparent it is that Wales now urgently needs greater legislative and tax raising powers. Now, I'm not saying that everything would have been perfect in an independent Wales. Obviously, we would have been hit by the global financial crisis. But at least we would have been able to decide our own destiny and our own recovery. 416 million pounds worth of cuts to the Welsh budget will undoubtedly have a negative impact on key services, and hit the already over stretched public sector.

I'm also disappointed that the plans to privatise the royal mint now seem to be gathering momentum. Adam Price was the first to spot this in the PBR back in November and Labour were very quiet about it at the time. Wonder why... The Royal Mint at Llantrisant provides some of the safest and best paid jobs in the area, and these plans will put them in danger. Just what we need at a time of recession!

This budget has done nothing to ease the fears felt by everyone at the moment. By tomorrow, we'll have a fuller picture of all the implications for Wales but I think we can all safely say its not going to be good news. Hmmm... No wonder people have been declaring that today is the final nail in the coffin for Labour.

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