Friday, April 3, 2009

British Waterways

At the British Waterways fringe meeting at Plaid conference. Glad to see a good turnout, as our waterways are undoubtedly important in Wales. Ok, so I have a vested interest having presented the television series 'Waterworld' about the history of canals in Wales and the Midlands (yes, I know - why me? Still not sure about the answer to that one!). It's also important I'm here of course because of my role as a parliamentary candidate in Montgomeryshire because of the Montgomery canal. People are working hard locally to restore the canal, and they should be applauded and recognised for this. During my time filming the programme, I went along to witness some restoration work across Wales and I can tell you it's not easy - as you can see from the picture! Also, most of the work is carried out by volunteers as funding is difficult to obtain.

Our canals are beautiful, and it saddens me to see them left to ruin. Without the work of volunteers and local people, a huge piece of our history would be lost forever. It's good that Plaid Cymru members are being reminded of this at conference. Who knows, a canal holiday in Wales could be a real alternative to a summer holiday abroad in this current economic climate? I'm certainly considering it - as long as someone comes with me! Don't trust myself to take full responsibility of a canal boat!


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