Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heledd Fychan confirmed as Plaid Cymru candidate

My first press release, confirming it's all official:

Heledd Fychan has been confirmed as the Plaid Cymru candidate in Montgomeryshire for the next General Election. Speaking after the news was made official, she expressed her delight at receiving the nomination and vowed to work and campaign hard to prove to the people of Montgomeryshire that she would be a worthy and hard working elected representative.

Miss Fychan said: "Montgomeryshire is a magical county, and it would be an honour to be its representative at Westminster. I am looking forward to the campaign, and will work hard to show the electorate that I would be a hardworking, dedicated and effective Member of Parliament who would listen to them and ensure that their voices are heard."

"I believe that the people of Montgomeryshire deserve a better representative than the MP currently in place. He has become a figure of ridicule in the press, and seems far more interested in promoting himself rather than the interests of Montgomeryshire. This is completely unacceptable, especially at a time when so many people are experiencing hardships."

"The Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and Labour in Wales are all slaves to their London bosses. Plaid Cymru can offer a real alternative, as it is the only party which has Wales and the interests of the people living in Wales at its very heart."
"I would work with Plaid Cymru Ministers at the Welsh Assembly, such as Elin Jones and Ieuan Wyn Jones, to lobby for greater investment in Montgomeryshire, for example, better transport links whilst also ensuring that we retain and promote the natural beauty of the area."

Plaid Cymru's Parliamentary leader Elfyn Llwyd MP gave his support to her selection: "During the time that Heledd worked as our Press and Political Officer in Westminster she proved herself to be a conscientious and highly capable and motivated person."

"I have no doubt that she would make an excellent member of parliament for Montgomery and it would be a privilege to welcome her as a member of Plaid’s parliamentary team and as a parliamentary neighbour."

End / Diwedd

Heledd Fychan is 28 years old and lives in Cardiff.

Heledd was brought up in Anglesey, then went on to Trinity College Dublin to study History and Political Science before returning to Wales. She is very proud of her Montgomeryshire roots (her Mother hails from the County and many family members still live there, including her Grandmother who lives in Newtown) and feels it is her spiritual home.


Cymrurhydd said...

Pob Lwc i ti yn yr etholiad San Steffan yn Sir Drefaldwyn, Dwi'n siwr fydd e'n waith galed yn dechrau o pedwerydd le, ond rwyn credu mae farn yn cyhoedd or diwedd gyda'r Blaid nawr mwy na fyth erioed

Croesi Bysedd

Al Iguana said...

Good luck!! :)

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Ydy Nick Colbourne yn dal yn ymgeisydd Llafur yn y sir. Mae o wedi mynd yn dawel iawn ers pan gollodd o'i sedd ar Gyngor Sir Wrecsam i Blaid Cymru...gobeithio neu di ei gyro fo yn Maldwyn hefyd.

Tony said...

Great news altogether - comhgairdeas mór as Chill Dara!

Nice pic too!

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