Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday Night Takeaway

Well, did you watch? And did you see Lembit making a lembo (idiot) out of himself? He was awful, and so cringe worthy. Even Edwina Currie came off better than him, and she was in blue tights and a beret. So many of my friends (from different parties and countries even) sent me messages on Saturday night and yesterday offering help in my campaign after seeing that performance. I think it was the final straw for many, to see a politician become such a laughing stock. It wasn't cool. It wasn't even amusing. It was just embarrassing. This is not the way to connect with your electorate or increase your popularity. At least now that he's been voted off, he'll be able to spend time in his constituency doing what he should be doing. Well, one would hope so anyway... At least it's too late for him to become a contestant on dancing on ice this year!

If you don't believe me, click on the link below and see it for yourself:

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been trying to hold back from writing the following for nearly a week now, thinking that people would worry I was obsessed with Lembit Opik. After all, regular readers will know that he's been the target of many a criticism in this blog. However, since the story was in the Western Mail today, I feel it's ok to comment on it. So here goes...

Last Saturday night, I was indulging in some quality me time. Wales had won the rugby (yay!)so I was happy but I didn't want to go out and face all those smug Valentine couples. Even though I hate the whole idea of valentine's day, and know its just a commerical and tacky event, I was still slightly miffed at the lack of a card. Or flowers. Well, even a flower. Or a book would have been nice. Some kind of token to mark the day anyway. Alas, I'm not that popular - hence the desire to stay in that night.

Anyway, I decided to have a night in watching trash on the television. The highlight was going to be Casualty. To start my evening off, I settled on watching ITV and in particular the new series of Saturday Night Takeaway. It started off quite well. It was cheesy, silly and just what I needed. Well, until they introduced who was going to be taking part every week in a celebrity team challenge. And of course, who had to be one of these so called celebrities? Yes, you've guessed it. Lembit.

Why, oh why does he agree to do things like this? Surely, his Saturday evenings and any other time which goes into rehearsing and filming this programme could be better spent in his constituency, helping his constituents? Does he not realise how pathetic he looks obsessing with being a celebrity, rather than putting his all into helping the people of Montgomeryshire, many of whom are really suffering the effects of the economic downturn at the moment?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Being an MP is an honour. If he wants to be a celebrity, then he should stand down and focus on that. But he can't do both. I'm all for politicians thinking of new ways to connect with the public and making politics relevant to young people, but he's mistaken if this is the way to go about it. As far as I can see, Lembit Opik is a part time politician who is completely out of touch with reality. Indeed, his main contribution in the political arena recently has been focused on raising the profile of Segways (more on that next week). I'm really looking forward to challenging him on this in the run up to the next general election. I don't want or mean to be negative about him all the time, but what positive things can I say about a man who's totally putting himself and his ego before his constituents?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Er gwybodaeth:

Swyddog Cyfryngau Seneddol

Cyflog ar raddfa gychwynnol rhwng £24-27,000 i’w adolygu ar ol tri mis, San Steffan, Llundain

Mae Plaid Cymru yn chwilio am berson graddiedig gyda sgiliau cyfathrebu di-gymar yn ysgrifenedig ac ar lafar i ymuno â’r tîm Seneddol. Mae sgiliau ymchwil ardderchog yn angenrheidiol, ynghyd â’r gallu i ddatblygu strategaeth gyfryngau effeithiol.

Am swydd-ddisgrifiad llawn cysylltwch a Heledd Fychan ar:
Tel. 020 7219 6422 Ebost:
Dyddiad cau: 27/02/2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking news....

New prison site just announced and it's coming to Caernarfon! Plaid Cymru have been campaigning for a prison in North Wales for over a decade, and have spent months campaiging for Caernarfon to be duly considered. It's a fantastic economic boost to the area, and also a boost for the provision of Welsh language facilties for prisoners.

I'm delighted! Never thought I'd be so happy about a prison being built, but with all the bad news about the economy, we can't but welcome this development!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Creu hanes!

Wel, am ddiwrnod hanesyddol i Gymru a'r Gymraeg - cyhoeddi'r LCO ar yr iaith Gymraeg. Mae'r gorchymyn yn gobeithio cyflawni tri peth:

1.Rhoi statws swyddogol i’r Gymraeg a Saesneg,

2.Rhoi hawliau ieithyddol wrth dderbyn gwasanaethau

3.Sefydlu swydd Comisiynydd Iaith i amddiffyn yr hawliau hyn.

Y cam nesaf ydi cael caniatad gan San Steffan ar gyfer trosglwyddo'r pwerau i'r Cynulliadd er mwyn cyflawni hyn, felly rhowch bwysau ar eich Aelodau Seneddol da chi i'w gefnogi. Yng Nghymru ddyla ni fod yn benderfynnu polisiau yn ymwneud a'r Gymraeg - pam ddiawl fysa Llundain isho'r fath hawl? Dydi o'n gwneud dim synnwyr.

Am y tro cynta ers 1536 dyma ni'n trio deddfu dros ein hiaith ein hunain yn ein gwlad ein hunain. Diwrnod pwysig yn wir.

Alun Ffred Jones - publication of Welsh Language LCO from PlaidTV on Vimeo.

Alun Ffred Jones - Cyflwyno'r LCO Iaith from PlaidTV on Vimeo.