Friday, January 30, 2009


You may recall a few months ago that I wrote about Elfyn's campaign about veterans in prison. He was concerned that they weren't being adequately supported once they'd left the army, and that more should be done to help them adapt to 'normal' life. Indeed, it was Elfyn and NAPO who found out that at least one in every ten of prisoners are ex-servicemen. The Government agreed to act on the issue, and now the Tories have today jumped on the band wagon as well.

Obviously, no credit is given to Elfyn but undoubtedly their plan is based on his work. Who said Plaid Cymru achieves nothing in parliament as a small party? Here we have Labour and the Tories both agreeing to take positive steps to help veterans. Now, if we could only get all of them to sign up to Welsh independence... One step at a time eh?

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