Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dal i gredu...

Dydi pethau heb dawelu yma o gwbwl eto. Joe dal yn yr ysbyty, a rwan mae Mam yn sal yn ei gwely sydd felly'n gadael fi yng nghofal popeth!

O'n i'n meddwl bod gweithio'n San Steffan yn brysur a llawn stress, ond dydi o ddim byd i gymharu gyda bod adref dros y Nadolig. Yn wir, dwi bron yn edrych ymlaen i fynd nol i Lundain jest er mwyn cael dal fyny ar fy nghwsg! Ac ymlacio chydig...
Ganddo ni barti yn y Castle nos 'fory, felly dwi 'di bod yn coginio heddiw. Tair cacen - dwy sioceled a guinness ac un baileys a siocled - a pethau savory 'di'r gweddill. Gesh i damad o gig Eidion godidog gan Dafydd Bwtch (cigydd lleol) a mae hwnn'n marinadio mewn saws horseradish, port a rhosmari - ysu i'w drio! Biti na bwyd i rhywun arall ydio'i gyd, ond siawns ga'i ddwyn tamad neu ddau wrth baratoi. Wel, fydd rhaid fi wneud siwr bod o'i gyd yn blasu'n iawn yn bydd?!

Dwi hefyd wedi bod yn arbrofi gyda coctels newydd, gan orfodi pobl eraill i'w trio rhag ofn bod rhaid mi yrru i'r ysbyty yn fyr rybudd. Wna'i ddim hyd yn oed cymeryd un diod os dwi'n bwriadu gyrru - dydi o jest ddim werth o nac ydi? Ar y funud, y ffefryn ydi vocka gyda mafon a passion fruit, gyda siampaen neu cava. Ella ga'i drio un nos Calan, ond cawn weld.

Rhwng hyn i gyd, dwi'm 'di cael fawr o gyfle i feddwl am wleidyddiaeth ers cwpwl o ddyddiau. Mae'n echrydus be sy'n digwydd yn Gaza - anodd coelio bod gymaint wedi cael eu lladd erbyn hyn. Ond fel arall, duw a wyr beth sydd wedi bod yn digwydd. Dyna pam dwi'n mynd i dreulio bore 'fory yn dal fyny gyda digwyddiadau'r byd. Ella bydd gen i fwy i'w drafod wedyn yn lle jest mwydro am fwyd a diod!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008 - not quite a Silent Night!

My friend Annie often tells me that if my life was a soap opera, nobody would ever believe it. Crazy thigs always seem to happen, and by now I've realised that it's best just to take everything in my stride. This Christmas was no exception. It could easily have been featured on Coronation Street. Worst of all, we still have New Year's Eve to come!

Christmas two years ago is remembered by my whole family because my cousin opened up a window on our the third floor of our house and it somehow came off in her hand and flew into the roof of the kitchen.

This year was always going to be a different to usual christmas, with mum running her pub for the first time. We were prepared for it to be busy. Manic even. For the first time ever, I was in charge of Christmas. I did the decorating, all the shopping, all the baking (I am the mince pie Queen by now having baked hundreds this Christmas!) and most if not all of the cooking. Nain and Joe were coming to stay, as well as my Uncle Rich and my partner in crime, cousin Emma. It was going to be fun.

We knew things were going to be crazy when my cousin arrived having somehow managing to lose her suitcase somewhere between getting off the train and getting into my car at Bangor station. Luckily, after a lot of drama, it was found in Bangor the following day and we picked it up on the way to collect the turkey from my cousin's farm in Pen Llyn.

Then Nain and Joe were late arriving. Very late in fact. Then they arrived in an AA van having crashed on the way. Luckily they weren't injured, but they were very shaken up. On top of that, Joe obviously wasn't well and we were worried about him...

Christmas morning came, and when we came downstairs we realised the car alarm had been going off ALL night long. Our neighbours were not impressed, as you can imagine, and worse of all, there was no way for us to switch it off without disconnecting the battery. None of our spanners fitted so we couldn't do it ourselves. All we could do in the end was ring AA, and a very kind man came to help us...

Joe in the meantime was getting worse and we decided to call a Dr. Now, since it was christmas day, we had to ring up Meddygon Menai and had to answer what seemed like a million questions before they agreed to send someone over. I had to laugh when ten minuted into the conversation, the assessor asked me if he was actually breathing. I would have thought that would have been one of the first questions, and I did point out that I would have rung 999 if I thought he wasn't and not just calmly spoken to the lady for all that time! Finally the Dr came and she decided that he had to go to hospital. We then had to wait for an ambulance, as he wasn't well enough to travel in the car.

As the ambulance was going to take two hours, we decided to carry on with Christmas lunch. Looking back, it's all a bit of a blur. We rushed to get lunch ready, and we all sat down pulling crackers, eating and joking whilst also checking on Joe every now and then. It was surreal to say the least and a miracle that nothing was ruined given that we'd had to switch the meal on and off about four times.

Oh, and whilst all this was going on, the wachine machine also flooded the utility room. Whilst the ambulance men were here I was in an apron mopping up the floor. I think they thought we were a bit of a crazy family!

After being at the hospital and everything, we finally started opening our presents at around 7pm. I feel so guilty that I didn't ring my friends and family as I usually do to say merry christmas and to say thank you for the wonderful gifts. I hope they understand that it just wasn't a typical christmas.

Luckily, things have calmed down by now. Joe is still in hospital, but he does seem to be getting stronger by the day. Unfortunately my cousin has gone back to Cardiff today, and I miss her so much already. She kept me sane even though she managed to poke me in the eye and hit me with her elbow a few times! Despite Christmas being disasterous in many ways, I've never laughed so much. Well, it was the only was to cope! Plus we got to watch Mamma Mia and the Sex and the City film and drink some Black Velvet and baileys and vodka and chat until 4 in the morning. Not a bad life...

What this Christmas has taught me more than anything is that you can cope with anything as long as you have your loved ones with you. It's not about making everything perfect, but making the best out of every situation. And looking at the bright side of life even when all seems to go wrong. In that sense, it was one the most memorable Christmases ever and apart from my grandfather/ Joe being poorly, I wouldn't have changed it for the world...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All go...

Its been hectic recently, so apologies for not taking the time to up-date my blog. Between the PBR, the Queen's Speech, Christmas shopping, a few parties and just basically life, I haven't had much time to sit down and write. But having had many messages sent to me, I feel duty bound to report some Lembit news. As you may have read elsewhere, since its all over the blogs, Mr Opik has started writing a weekly column for the Daily Sport.

Now, I'm all for making politics more relevant and trying different ways to get political news across to people. But, honestly now, how many people actually read and take notice of what's said in the Daily Sport? I thought its main appeal was its crazy stories and nude pictures. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If he truly wanted to influence people, then the best tabloid to go for would of course be the Sun.

Personally, I think he really needs to take good hard look at himself and re-think the way he's operating within the media. He needs to think why he was defeated in the recent internal Presidential race. He also needs to think why his constituents are turning against him if he really is that great at connecting with 'real people'.

The truth is, Lembit Opik is totally out of touch with people. Yes, he's high profile but for all the wrong reasons. He's not doing himself or even politics itself any favours in the way he conducts himself as a public figure. Will the people of Montgomeryshire be glad that their MP is writing for the Daily Sport? I doubt it. They are the people he should be thinking of and putting first. Its a shame for them that he seems to prefer promoting himself rather than them.