Monday, November 17, 2008

Strcitly Mandelson?

So Peter Mandelson would go on Strictly Come Dancing if he was offered the chance? What has John Sergeant started? Whilst I find it quite amusing to see the portly Sergeant dance, especially during the Latin weeks, I hardly think we need to see Mandelson in sequins shaking his booty. Damn. Now I'm going to have that disturbing image in my head everytime I see him on television.

It was also reported that Gordon Brown had written to all of the X factor contestants to thank them for their work on the single 'Heroes', but that he'd personalised one of them - to Daniel of all people. The worst contender this year by far. Hmm, Brown really doesn't know how to back a winner does he? At least he's not tempted to dress up in lycra and dance in front of the nation. That's another image I really don't want in my head...

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