Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boring... Time for change!!!

Now that's the word I'd use to describe David Cameron's big conference speech. I can't believe how bad it was. Seriously, who the hell are his speech writers? If he wants to be taken seriously as a future Prime Minister than he needs to change them pronto. Maybe Boris will lend him Guto Harri for a while? Though, maybe its good for us that he was so dull and uninspiring...

I was shocked to see so many similarities between his speech and Browns'. Both tried to mention everything without really saying anything of worth in the end. Cameron also focused far too much on Brown's statement that this was no time for a 'novice'. He didn't need to argue the case to such an extent. He simply needed to be visionary and inspiring. In this he failed miserably.

Also, If I was a Welsh Tory, I'd be bitterly disappointed by his complete lack of vision for Wales. Despite claiming that he wanted to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and not just England, nothing in his speech suggested that he cared or understood anything about Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland. He failed to mention the changing political climate and the impact devolution was having on the UK. Indeed, at the very beginning of his speech when he listed all the various elected people within the party, he didn't mention members of the Welsh Assembly once. Further, all the references he made throughout the speech were to England and in particular, Middle England. He didn't acknowledge that the NHS or education system was different in the various countries even. So why the hell does he want to be Prime Minister of the whole of the UK if he has such disregard for any country which isn't England?

And this is where my problem lies with the Tories in Wales. How can they still look up to and respect a party which doesn't respect them? If I were a Tory, and one that was pro-devolution (as some claim to be), I would seriously be considering forming a new right wing party in Wales now and breaking away from the London centric Conservative Party. Cameron doesn't care about Wales, and certainly seems to know nothing about the country. Why don't we just let him get on with what he really wants to do deep down and just be Prime Minister of England? Why don't the Welsh Tories break away from him and form something different? I'd certainly respect them far more if they did. Though I'd still disagree with many of their principles, at least then I'd know that they would always put Wales first and that they weren't in any way tied by their London masters. They could achieve a hell of a lot more for Wales by doing that, and I hope some of the more forward thinking members are seriously considering such a move.

And why not? Wales is changing politically. The referendum will be won, and more powers for Wales are inevitable. Our political system needs to change to reflect that, and therefore we need new political parties. Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems in Wales need to seriously think about this and think how they should move forward in the future. Indeed, once Wales achieves self-governance, we may well see a party being formed to challenge Plaid Cymru which also has socialist and nationalist principles, or even replace it. After all, won't all the parties then be Welsh ones?

Its time for people to be brave and bold, and not just go along with the status quo. Labour and the Tories have continously failed Wales and that, I fear, will never change. For members of both parties who truly love and care for Wales but could never be Plaid Cymru members, I would urge them to think about what I've said. After all, in the words of Sheryl Crow, a change would do you good...

Incidentally, just as I did after Brown's speech last week, I went to the cinema tonight. It was such a good film - Righteous Kill. You have to go see it. It was just so fantastic with Pacino and De Niro staring in it. And no, it wasn't cheesy in any way. I can watch serious stuff sometimes I'll have you know!


Anonymous said...

The film's been panned by the critics but I'll have to see it for myself. I'll have to wait until it's out on DVD though as I can't see in cinemas.

Mae pob araith yng nghynhadledd y Toriaid wedi bod yn boenus o ofnadwy. Mae'n ddiddorol gweld pa mor desperate ydy blogwyr Ceidwadol Lloegr i honni'r gwrthwyneb!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

If you want to see really boring and meaningless speeches - tune into SPAM - opps I mean C-SPAN. Makes the Weather-Channel sound great. Politico is pretty good; "Final Score" is usually fun to read, well for Welsh people following American politics - maybe, not sure.

Che Grav-ara said...


Glyn Davies is hailing it as agreat speech of a Prime Minister in waiting but frankly I think it was weak on policy and poor on performance. What was so great about it? Also I agree Cameron spent far too long defending the novice jibes. It only went to show how rattled he was by it.