Monday, September 8, 2008

Maesbury Part Two

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Maesbury Boat Rally. Even though it rained and many of the organisers plans had to be abandoned because of some evil mud, we had a fantastic time and spirits were high. I managed to open the rally without any major hitches and got a beautiful gift for fulfilling my duties - flowers in a narrowboat shaped ceramic ornament. Plus a plaque to commemorate Monty 08! I also judged the best dressed boat category, which was great fun. People had gone to so much effort, but the winner truly deserved it. They had decorated their narrowboat on a theme - Bob the Builder. The kids loved it, as they could interact with it so it had to win! Luckily others who were far more qualified than me to judge agreed with my choice so I feel happy with the choice I made.

Canal Central
, where the festival took place, was an amazing centre and I urge everyone to visit it some time. There's a beautiful apartment for visitors to stay in upstairs and downstairs consists of a post office, shop and tearoom - all beautifully and tastefully done. Even though its a new building the community love it, and have really taken to the place. It really seems to have revived the village, and gives everyone a place to come together and exchange news and gossip!

Alas, I think the boat rally signalled the beginning and end of my boat judging career but it certainly was fun whilst it lasted. Back to the day job from now on!

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