Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just like Seals...

O my god. I'm on a week's holiday from work, and being very nerdy by watching the Labour party conference. Brown's speech is on now. Why do they have to clap at least every 20 seconds? They're like seals, all of them. I can hardly follow what he's saying as he keeps getting interrupted. Aargh!

Nice but transparent touch at the start as well - getting his wife to introduce him. It was all done a bit half-hearedly though, and could have created far more of an impact. Its a shame that a poltical first in British politics wasn't done in a far more gutsy manner. Not that I wanted her to shed a tear whilst introducing him, but she could have said something a bit more defiant. Or something strong. It was just so forgettable..

I'll analyse the contents later once I can read the text. But up to now, I'm not impressed... Though it is interesting to see him promising to get families online. I seem to recall Labour laughing at Plaid Cymru plans to give children laptops? It can't have been that much of a crazy idea if they've decided to steal it and adapt it for their own purposes on a British level. I thought it was only the Tories who did things like that (Fuel Duty Regulator being the most recent example). Hmmm...

They're still clapping and I'm still getting annoyed. And now we have a personal sob story from Brown.. I think his speech writers have definitely been reading the hip political book, The Political Brain. I just wish they were clever enough not to make it quite so obvious what they're trying to do, and just got on with the job of running a government properly rather than pretending they are by putting a constant spin on things... Then, and only then, would Brown deserve a round of applause.

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