Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy me!

Well, I'm finally 28. A great age I think as you're still young enough to have dreams and ambitions, and yet you've matured a hell of a lot and learnt from life's lessons.

I recently came across a list I'd written when I was eighteen of all the things I hoped to achieve before I was 28. It really brought a smile to my face. I was obviously very ambitious and idealistic then, and though I don't think I've totally lost those traits, a far more pragmatic and realistic side of my character has emerged since then. I won't list everything, but here were the top ones:

1. Be an MP
2. Publish at least one book
3. Have a PhD in Politics
4. Be married, but no kids until later
5. Be slimmer and fitter

Well, I only managed one of those - number five. I used to be extremely overweight until my early twenties, and though I'm no stick insect now, I'm so much happier and healthier and will never to return to how I was. As for the rest.. Well, I'm a little behind on all of them!

Ok, so as for number one, at least I'm working for three MPs and still hope to have a political career myself in the future. Luckily I didn't write this list when I was fifteen as my ambition then was to be a famous actress in Hollywood! That was never likely to come true.. And number two? Well, I am working on two different novels. Not that they're very good at the moment, but at least I am putting pen to paper. Number three is problematic. If I do ever finish the PhD I started then its in Medieval History! Number four - well, I've no children but no husband either. Its weird that at eighteen you think that 28 is really old and that everyone will be married by then. You also have a very simplistic view of love. Its only as you grow older that you realise that you can't have a timetable or plan for love. It either happens or it doesn't... Though I do have a pact to marry one of my closest male friends if we're both still single (or even divorced!) at 40. Damn FRIENDS for putting that idea into our heads...

So there you have it. I'm a year older, and no wiser - well, not yet anyway. I'm really looking forward to catching up with friends today and celebrating in mum's pub with a lot of the locals. They've all promised to come along from 4pm onwards for some karaoke, plus a slice of birthday cake which I myself have made! So if you happen to be in Caernarfon today, the Castle is the place to be... See you there!


Anonymous said...

Pen blwydd hapus!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

From bonnie Arlington, Northern Virginia, happy 28th birthday. Just don't drink 28 shots of anything.

Heledd Fychan said...

Diolch yn fawr/ Thank you! No, I resisted having 28 shots though I did have one or two...