Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Adam Go!

Some might not take what I'm going to say seriously given that I work as a Press and Political Officer for the Plaid Cymru group at Westminster, therefore Adam contributes towards my wages, but wow, that was some speech he gave at Conference this morning!

He's always a very engaging speaker, and is fortunate enough to be able to make it all seem effortless. Not only is he charismatic in his speeches, but he also incorporates a perfect mix of substance, history, controversy and references to popular culture whilst also tugging at our (the members') nationalist heart strings. In other words, there's something in any speech he gives that will appeal to all members. Even if they don't always agree with everything he says, they react and dissect and discuss his speech. And there lies the key to why he's such a successful politician, and why he's so well respected.

Adam is undoubtedly a character, but more than that, he also has the ability, drive, and vision to actually make a difference to Wales and not just talk about the possibility of making a difference one day. When he says we can be independent, you know that he means it and more than that, you believe him. He's not afraid of saying what he thinks, even if, sometimes, it goes against party lines. He's not afraid of pushing the boundaries, or thinking about issues differently to others. He's not afraid to be ambitious for Wales, and more important than that even, he's not afraid to share his ambitions even if he knows they're not necesserily always going to be that popular initially.

Politicians like Adam Price are rare, and though we could do with a few more of those type of national figures within every party in Wales, you'll never have more than a handful in every generation. Very few people are born with a natural ability to lead, inspire and actually implement change. To make a mark, not only in their own constituency, but in every corner of our country.

In many ways, Adam Price is our very own Obama - but even better because he has substance to his ideas and vision.

I know this post may come across slightly OTT, but you can't help but to have an emotive reaction to any speech made by Adam. He's one of the good guys in politics and we in Plaid are lucky that he's one of us. I certainly wouldn't want him as a political enemy!

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David Thomas said...

Totally agree with you about Adam. An irresistible combination of the brains and perspicacity of a Dafydd El and the oratory of a Dafydd Wigley.