Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Electric Picnic

I am back in Wales after an amazing few days over in Ireland at the Electric Picnic. It was a three day Art and Musical, almost like a funkier Eisteddfod minus all the competing. And Druids! Though there were plenty of strangely dressed people around in a wide variety of costumes.

My friends know that I am not a big lover of camping. Indeed, I'd also camped for two nights in the whole of my life before this. And do you know what? I didn't mind it all! Luckily my friend Katie had thought of everything and got us a super tent, along with air mattresses and a whole variety of goodies. Plus she knew how to put up a tent! There was even a shop where you could buy newspapers. Heaven! The only minus point was that I had to park ages away from our camping spot, and boy, our bags were heavy. You should have seen us trying to navigate our things yesterday through the mud in a wheelbarrow we'd rented there. Its the best workout I've done in ages and my arms are killing me today!

So about the festival.. it was just so much fun. There were over 32,000 people there, and when you walked in, it looked like a cross between an Eisteddfod and a giant fairy tale theme park. There was such a variety of things to do there, and it was impossible not to find something that appealed. Here are some of my personal highlights, though there were far more things I could list!

This might sound cheesy but one of the highlights was seeing so many of my Irish friends and catching up with them. I haven't had a weekend with Katie for ages, and my friend Beth was over from Australia. It was so good to see both of them, and it made me really reminisce about our time in college. I loved randomly bumping into others I knew, and hearing all about what they were up to and admiring those who have chosen to follow their dreams. Far too many people reach their late twenties and forget their ambitions - I'm always glad to see people doing what they've always said they would, be that travelling, volunteering or pursuing their dream job.

I didn't however just spend my time chatting, I also saw a huge variety of acts. I loved seeing Duffy, the Dublin Gospel Choir, Lisa Hannigan but the best had to be a band that I randomly saw instead of Sinead O'Connor at the Body and Soul Stage at 9pm on the Sunday night. If anyone knows who they were please let me know! I'd greatly appreciate it as I'd love to buy their album. That's how good they were!

I also loved the Comedy Tent (all my favourite comedians from the International Comedy Club in Dublin) , the Cinema, the Singstar tent (yes, I sang a Britney Spears classic with Katie!) and most of all the Silent Disco. If you've never heard about it, a silent disco is a disco with a difference. Everyone is given headphones and you choose what music to listen to and at what volume. Its so funny. You see people dancing and singing along to different songs. Different but a lot of fun! Another big bonus was the food. Waw. Even my favourite restaurant Mao had a stand. Not quite the same as the stalls I'm used to seeing at the Eisteddfod!

Another unusual feature was that their was a hair salon at the festival where you could get your hair and make up done. I went for the rock chick look and loved it! Well, I couldn't go around with messy and dirty hair for three days. Not my style..

There's so many other things I could list but you'll just have to take my word for it that it was truly amazing and check it out for yourself next year! Tickets were quite dear - 240 euro each - but it really was worth every penny. Plus it was lovely to be off work for a few days and feel young again!

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