Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brown's speech part 2

So I'm less annoyed now that the constant clapping is but a distant memory and ready to analyse properly. Well, what did you make of it? Convinced? Impressed? Don't care?

I'm a bit indifferent to be honest. It was definitely the best I've heard him and also I think the best he could have done. BUT. It still wasn't great. I think he promised too many things to impress people rather than tackling the problems within the economy head on. Plus I don't think he did enough to inspire confidence in his ability to get us out of this hole. Sure, he mentioned things that will be popular such as free prescriptions for cancer sufferers but should he have done that in this particular speech?

In my view, no he shouldn't have. The relevant Ministers should have been unveiling all the things he promised, and he should have shown what he will do as Prime Minister. Instead, he gave the impression that he was helping every Minister with every brief and that he was incapable of delegating any responsibility. We need a leader as Prime Minister, not an interfering boss - and that was his main weakness in my view. He should be able to take a step back and let his Cabinet take charge of their portfolios but he obviously can't. No wonder he looks so tired and stressed. Being a Prime Minister is more than enough work, without trying to be Chancellor, Education Minister and Health Minister as well!

Some of the personal things he said were quite effective, but he did seem uncomfortable saying them. It definitely didn't come naturally to him, and though he seemed quite genuine, his body language was awful. I think he needs more lessons in that... He just seemed so defeatist, and even though some of the right words were coming out of his mouth, he didn't seem to mean them.

The cut-aways to Milliband during Brown's speech were hilarious though - his cheeks must be hurting by now from all of his incredibly strained smiling. How awkward must his conversations with Brown be at the moment! He, he, he...

Will ordinary people, and not political nerds, even notice that Brown gave a speech today? Most probably not. It will hardly go down as one of the most impressive speeches in history. And will it sway any voters? I doubt it. There was very little in it, and on the whole, it was just dull.

Its too little too late... I bet David Cameron is all smiles having heard that, and is feeling pretty good about himself right now. Indeed, it will be interesting to see what he has to say for himself next week, when its his turn to address his own conference. I don't expect much substance from him either. I just hope the Tories will at least listen and let him speak rather than just constantly clap like Labour supporters did today... At least we don't do that in Plaid Cymru or my blood pressure would have gone through the room at our conference!

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