Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Am rhyw bum eiliad prynhawn yma, ro'n i'n meddwl bod Lembit Opik yn mynd i roi'r gorau iddi fel Aelod Seneddol. Ro'n i'n gwylio Sky News, ac ar waelod y sgrin fe ddaeth y geiriau: Liberal Democrat Mp Lembit Opik Resigns as...Housing Spokesman.

Damia... Ond o leia mae o'n un ffordd i'r Lib Dems gael gwared ohono yn raddol. Ydi o wir yn meddwl bod nhw isho fo fel Llywydd?!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mamma Mia!

I was so mad after listening to Brown's speech that I decided to go and unwind in the cinema. And what a good idea that was! I must be one of the last people in the world to see Mamma Mia, and I know now that it won't be the last time I watch it. It was brilliant! A perfect combination of cheese, romance and just good old fashioned fun. Everyone was leaving the cinema smiling and singing along to the songs - myself included!

I went by myself, something I haven't done in a while. I really don't mind going alone to a film or play to be honest. It means no one's whispering in my ear and interferring with my personal enjoyment - especially if they're trying to guess what the ending will be! Aargh! Plus, I don't embarass anyone if I laugh out loud, cry (like I did watching Sex and the City - still no idea why) or in the case of tonight's film, sing along...

So if you haven't seen it yet, I really think you should. Even the most serious of you will secretly want to dance and sing along, and you'd be suprised how many Abba songs you actually know. I can't wait for the next karaoke night now - just a matter of choosing which Abba song I'll sing first now... Any suggestions?

Brown's speech part 2

So I'm less annoyed now that the constant clapping is but a distant memory and ready to analyse properly. Well, what did you make of it? Convinced? Impressed? Don't care?

I'm a bit indifferent to be honest. It was definitely the best I've heard him and also I think the best he could have done. BUT. It still wasn't great. I think he promised too many things to impress people rather than tackling the problems within the economy head on. Plus I don't think he did enough to inspire confidence in his ability to get us out of this hole. Sure, he mentioned things that will be popular such as free prescriptions for cancer sufferers but should he have done that in this particular speech?

In my view, no he shouldn't have. The relevant Ministers should have been unveiling all the things he promised, and he should have shown what he will do as Prime Minister. Instead, he gave the impression that he was helping every Minister with every brief and that he was incapable of delegating any responsibility. We need a leader as Prime Minister, not an interfering boss - and that was his main weakness in my view. He should be able to take a step back and let his Cabinet take charge of their portfolios but he obviously can't. No wonder he looks so tired and stressed. Being a Prime Minister is more than enough work, without trying to be Chancellor, Education Minister and Health Minister as well!

Some of the personal things he said were quite effective, but he did seem uncomfortable saying them. It definitely didn't come naturally to him, and though he seemed quite genuine, his body language was awful. I think he needs more lessons in that... He just seemed so defeatist, and even though some of the right words were coming out of his mouth, he didn't seem to mean them.

The cut-aways to Milliband during Brown's speech were hilarious though - his cheeks must be hurting by now from all of his incredibly strained smiling. How awkward must his conversations with Brown be at the moment! He, he, he...

Will ordinary people, and not political nerds, even notice that Brown gave a speech today? Most probably not. It will hardly go down as one of the most impressive speeches in history. And will it sway any voters? I doubt it. There was very little in it, and on the whole, it was just dull.

Its too little too late... I bet David Cameron is all smiles having heard that, and is feeling pretty good about himself right now. Indeed, it will be interesting to see what he has to say for himself next week, when its his turn to address his own conference. I don't expect much substance from him either. I just hope the Tories will at least listen and let him speak rather than just constantly clap like Labour supporters did today... At least we don't do that in Plaid Cymru or my blood pressure would have gone through the room at our conference!

Just like Seals...

O my god. I'm on a week's holiday from work, and being very nerdy by watching the Labour party conference. Brown's speech is on now. Why do they have to clap at least every 20 seconds? They're like seals, all of them. I can hardly follow what he's saying as he keeps getting interrupted. Aargh!

Nice but transparent touch at the start as well - getting his wife to introduce him. It was all done a bit half-hearedly though, and could have created far more of an impact. Its a shame that a poltical first in British politics wasn't done in a far more gutsy manner. Not that I wanted her to shed a tear whilst introducing him, but she could have said something a bit more defiant. Or something strong. It was just so forgettable..

I'll analyse the contents later once I can read the text. But up to now, I'm not impressed... Though it is interesting to see him promising to get families online. I seem to recall Labour laughing at Plaid Cymru plans to give children laptops? It can't have been that much of a crazy idea if they've decided to steal it and adapt it for their own purposes on a British level. I thought it was only the Tories who did things like that (Fuel Duty Regulator being the most recent example). Hmmm...

They're still clapping and I'm still getting annoyed. And now we have a personal sob story from Brown.. I think his speech writers have definitely been reading the hip political book, The Political Brain. I just wish they were clever enough not to make it quite so obvious what they're trying to do, and just got on with the job of running a government properly rather than pretending they are by putting a constant spin on things... Then, and only then, would Brown deserve a round of applause.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy me!

Well, I'm finally 28. A great age I think as you're still young enough to have dreams and ambitions, and yet you've matured a hell of a lot and learnt from life's lessons.

I recently came across a list I'd written when I was eighteen of all the things I hoped to achieve before I was 28. It really brought a smile to my face. I was obviously very ambitious and idealistic then, and though I don't think I've totally lost those traits, a far more pragmatic and realistic side of my character has emerged since then. I won't list everything, but here were the top ones:

1. Be an MP
2. Publish at least one book
3. Have a PhD in Politics
4. Be married, but no kids until later
5. Be slimmer and fitter

Well, I only managed one of those - number five. I used to be extremely overweight until my early twenties, and though I'm no stick insect now, I'm so much happier and healthier and will never to return to how I was. As for the rest.. Well, I'm a little behind on all of them!

Ok, so as for number one, at least I'm working for three MPs and still hope to have a political career myself in the future. Luckily I didn't write this list when I was fifteen as my ambition then was to be a famous actress in Hollywood! That was never likely to come true.. And number two? Well, I am working on two different novels. Not that they're very good at the moment, but at least I am putting pen to paper. Number three is problematic. If I do ever finish the PhD I started then its in Medieval History! Number four - well, I've no children but no husband either. Its weird that at eighteen you think that 28 is really old and that everyone will be married by then. You also have a very simplistic view of love. Its only as you grow older that you realise that you can't have a timetable or plan for love. It either happens or it doesn't... Though I do have a pact to marry one of my closest male friends if we're both still single (or even divorced!) at 40. Damn FRIENDS for putting that idea into our heads...

So there you have it. I'm a year older, and no wiser - well, not yet anyway. I'm really looking forward to catching up with friends today and celebrating in mum's pub with a lot of the locals. They've all promised to come along from 4pm onwards for some karaoke, plus a slice of birthday cake which I myself have made! So if you happen to be in Caernarfon today, the Castle is the place to be... See you there!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I disagree...

It was with interest that I read the Western Mail today, and in particular the article detailing predictions made by Dr Denis Balsom about the next General Election results. I just can't agree with some of them, and having gone through the past few years' results for every seat, and considering things carefully, I really think things will be different. Once a general election is called, I will put my predictions up on this blog - I promise. And not the Plaid spin on things, but my own personal view. But for now, here are the seats I think Plaid will definitely win:

Aberconwy (though it will take a lot of work)
Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Dwyrain Caerfyrddin a Dinefwr
Ynys Mon (it will require a lot of work, but we will do it. And no Denis, Albert doesn't have a huge core support in Caergybi. Just look at the local election results there)

I also think I'll be adding to that list as it gets closer to the election.Undoubtedly, it will be our best ever result. Indeed, I think it could be extraordinary.. After all, a lot of people still remember what happened to Wales under the last Tory government...

I truly and honestly believe that Plaid Cymru is the only party who can offer the people of Wales what they need and what they deserve, and that in this election, people in non-traditional Plaid areas will be persuaded to change their allegiances. People used to think that a vote for Plaid in a general election was a wasted one, as they could never form a UK government even if they won every seat in Wales. That attitude is changing, and people know that if Wales is to ever gain greater legislating power, we need a strong Plaid team at Westminster to deliver that. A vote for Plaid Cymru will be a vote for the only party who puts the people of Wales first. Every other party is tied to its London bosses, and will always be overshadowed and dominated by that. We're free from such shackles and can offer a different and better Wales to the electorate. And that's why we'll win those seats. Simple.

Magical Mystery Tour

Wel, na doedd fy nhrip heddiw ddim yn un dirgel ond ro'n i'n teimlo fel mod i'n trafeilio o gwmpas byd lledrithiol. Ro'n i'n gadael Caernarfon am hanner awr wedi saith bore ma i fynd i gyfarfod yng Nghanolbarth Cymru. Roedd yna gyfuniad perffaith o niwl, tarth a haul oedd yn gwneud i bobman edrych yn rhyfeddol, yn enwedig Clywedog. Ro'n i bron yn teimlo fel mod i mewn antur hud a lledrith, neu ar set ffilmiau, yn arbennig felly gan nad oedd dim ceir eraill ar y ffordd.

Dwi wastad yn teimlo reit emosiynol yn gyrru dros Clywedog oherwydd cysylltiadau teuluol ac ati. Gesh i siwrne dda iawn felly roedd gen i amser i stopio bore ma a mynd i'r fynwent yn Staylittle lle mae nifer o fy nheulu wedi eu claddu. Roedd hi mor dawel yno, a phobman mor brydferth. Dwi wedi crybwyll y lle o'r blaen ar y blog yma, a dwi ddim eisiau bod yn morbid ond wir mae'n le heddychlon iawn.

Nesh i wedyn stopio i edrych lawr ar lyn Clywedog. Mae'n anhygoel meddwl bod yna ffermydd wedi bod yn yr union fan lle mae'r llyn erbyn hyn. Mae o bron yn edrych fel tasa fo wastad wedi bod yno, ond mae'n bwysig cofio'r hanes a cofio mai cael ei foddi gan y Saeson wnaeth o. Ond a'i ddim i brygethu rwan - mae'n siwr y gwna'i hynny eto rhyw dro...

Roedd y cyfarfod yn un hynod o fuddiol heddiw, gyda staff eraill sy'n gweithio ar ochr y wasg i'r Blaid. Mae rhywun yn medru teimlo'n eithaf ynysig weithiau yn gweithio yn Llundain, ac er bod ebost a ffon yn ein caniatau i gadw mewn cysylltiad, does dim yn curo cael sgwrs wyneb yn wyneb weithiau. A cael cyfnewid syniadau a sgandals wrth gwrs!

Fydd hi'n od dychwelyd i'r Senedd pan fydd pethau'n ail-agor rwan. Dwi wir wedi mwynhau gweithio yn yr etholaethau dros yr haf, ond eto bydd yn gyffrous bod nol yng nghanol bwrlwm San Steffan hefyd. Er bod yr oriau'n hir, dwi wrth fy modd gan nad yda chi byth yn gwbod be sy'n mynd i ddigwydd o ddydd i ddydd, na hyd yn oed o awr i awr. Dwi yn benderfynol fodd bynnag mod i'n mynd i wneud amser i fynd i'r gym dipyn fwy aml unwaith fyddai nol. Dwi eisiau bod yn fighting fit erbyn mis Mawrth er mwyn rhedeg ras. A finna wedi dweud hynny yn gyhoeddus rwan, sgen i ddim dewis ond sticio at fy adduned!

Best Button Ever!

I made an amazing discovery the other evening, a life changing one to be honest. There I was, playing with the karaoke machine in mum's pub and I came across a magic button. One that changes the pitch, so you can play a song at a pitch that suits your voice. No more straining to hit the high notes - now I can sing along to ALL my favourites. My repertoire just got bigger - there'll be no stopping me now! And luckily, I found it just in time for my birthday on Saturday night. Look out Caernarfon - you won't know what's hit you once I and my friends start singing!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mwy o gadarnhad bod Lembit yn Lembo

Diolch i Vaughan Roderick yn ei flog am dynnu ein sylw ni oll at bôl piniwn sydd wedi bod yn cael ei gynnal ar flog y "Liberal Democrt Voice", yn edrych ar aelodau mwyaf a lleiaf effeithol cabinet y Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol.

Vince Cable gafodd y sgor orau gyda +96.9% a prin fyddai unrhyw un yn anghytuno gyda hynny. Dwi'n siwr fyddai ben yn anghytuno chwaith gyda pwy sydd ar y gwaelod gyda sgor o 35.4%... yr hen Lembit Opik. A cofiwch, mae hyn ymysg ei blaid ei hun! Mae nhw hyd yn oed yn medru gweld drwyddo. Gobeithio bydd etholwyr Maldwyn yr un mor gall pan ddaw yr Etholiad Cyffredinol nesaf!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Adam Go!

Some might not take what I'm going to say seriously given that I work as a Press and Political Officer for the Plaid Cymru group at Westminster, therefore Adam contributes towards my wages, but wow, that was some speech he gave at Conference this morning!

He's always a very engaging speaker, and is fortunate enough to be able to make it all seem effortless. Not only is he charismatic in his speeches, but he also incorporates a perfect mix of substance, history, controversy and references to popular culture whilst also tugging at our (the members') nationalist heart strings. In other words, there's something in any speech he gives that will appeal to all members. Even if they don't always agree with everything he says, they react and dissect and discuss his speech. And there lies the key to why he's such a successful politician, and why he's so well respected.

Adam is undoubtedly a character, but more than that, he also has the ability, drive, and vision to actually make a difference to Wales and not just talk about the possibility of making a difference one day. When he says we can be independent, you know that he means it and more than that, you believe him. He's not afraid of saying what he thinks, even if, sometimes, it goes against party lines. He's not afraid of pushing the boundaries, or thinking about issues differently to others. He's not afraid to be ambitious for Wales, and more important than that even, he's not afraid to share his ambitions even if he knows they're not necesserily always going to be that popular initially.

Politicians like Adam Price are rare, and though we could do with a few more of those type of national figures within every party in Wales, you'll never have more than a handful in every generation. Very few people are born with a natural ability to lead, inspire and actually implement change. To make a mark, not only in their own constituency, but in every corner of our country.

In many ways, Adam Price is our very own Obama - but even better because he has substance to his ideas and vision.

I know this post may come across slightly OTT, but you can't help but to have an emotive reaction to any speech made by Adam. He's one of the good guys in politics and we in Plaid are lucky that he's one of us. I certainly wouldn't want him as a political enemy!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Nodyn bach sydyn gan bod hi'n brysur yma yn Aberystwyth! Wel, fe aeth diwrnod cyntaf y gynhadledd yn dda. Mae yna hyder anhygoel yma - ymysg aelodau arferol y blaid a'r rhai etholedig - a mae yna hefyd gyffro. Does yna ddim ymffrostio gwirion ond mae yna falchder amlwg - balchder yn y ffaith bod ganddo ni Weinidogion yn y Cynulliad ac yn fwy na hynny, eu bod nhw'n cyflawni ar ran pobl Cymru.

Aeth holl areithiau ddoe lawr yn dda. Yn amlwg, un Elfyn oedd y pwysicaf o ran fy ngwaith i ac roeddwn yn falch ei fod wedi cael ymateb da iddi. Ei brif neges oedd bod y grwp seneddol yn barod am yr Etholiad Cyffredinol nesaf ac ei fod yn hyderus y byddem yn cynyddu ein nifer o Aelodau Seneddol. Hefyd, fe bwysleisiodd yr angen i greu cenedlaetholwyr ac ymgyrchwyr newydd - pobl fyddai yn helpu Plaid Cymru i ffynnu a hyd yn oed ei harwain yn y dyfodol.

Fe gawson ni gyd hefyd goblyn o noson hwyliog neithiwr yn y Cwps a drefnwyd gan Cymru X. Roedd yna bedwar o feirdd yn canu mawl i wleidyddion amrywiol Plaid Cymru. Roedda nhw i gyd yn wych, ac roedd pawb yn rowlio chwerthin.

Well imi fynd am rwan, ond mi dria'i sgwennu mwy yn hwyrach! Hwyl am y tro...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bron yma!

Wel, mae Cynhadledd Plaid Cymru yn cychwyn yfory yn Aberystwyth - fy nghynhadledd fawr gyntaf i'n gweithio i'r Blaid. Dwi wir yn edrych ymlaen, ac mae'n argoeli i fod yn lot o hwyl gyda nifer o ddadleuon difyr.

Dyma ail gynhadledd Plaid ers Cymru'n Un. Roedd hi'n rhy gynnar i'n Gweinidogion fod wedi eu profi eu hunain yn ormodol y llynnedd, ond eleni mi fydd ganddyn nhw lwyth o bethau i'w adrodd yn ol. Mae nhw wedi cael nifer o lwyddianau, a mi fydd y gynhadledd yn lwyfan gwych iddynt gael dweud amdanynt wrth yr aelodau.

Mi dria'i gael yr amser i roi rhai o hanesion y gynhadledd fyny ar fy mlog dros y dyddiau nesaf yma, felly cadwch lygaid allan amdanynt. Ac ar y newyddion wrth gwrs, neu dewch draw yma am dro eich hunain!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A dyna ni hynny drosodd!

Dydi hi ddim cyfrinach fy mod i dros yr haf wedi bod yn helpu Elfyn Llwyd gyda'i ymgyrch ar gyfer Llywyddiaeth Plaid Cymru. Fel gwyr pawb bellach, Dafydd Iwan enillodd ac wrth lwc mae'r cyfan drosodd.

Yn bersonol, dwi'n falch fod yna gystadleuaeth wedi bod am y swydd. Da ni gyd wedi gweld sut mae pethau wedi dymchwel i Brown ers iddo gael ei wneud yn Brif Weinidog heb unrhyw fath o ornest. Drwy orfod mynd drwy hystings a pleidliais fe fuodd yn rhaid i Dafydd Iwan ac Elfyn feddwl ynglyn a pam oeddwn nhw eisiau gwneud y rol a'r hyn y bydden nhw'n ei gyflawni tasa nhw'n ennill. Fe ddaeth nifer o syniadau da allan o hynny - yn arbennig felly gan Elfyn (ond mi fyswn i'n deud hynny!) - a dwi'n gobeithio rwan y caiff rhain eu gweithredu dros y ddwy flynedd nesaf. Dwi'n gwybod bydd Elfyn yn fwy na pharod i weithio gyda Dafydd ar rai o'r pethau hyn. Wedi'r cyfan, Plaid Cymru ydi'r peth pwysicaf yn hyn i gyd a'r aelodau. Gobeithio felly y gwnawn nhw elwa o hyn.

Mae rol y Llywydd yn un od o fewn y Blaid, ac a bod yn berffaith onest, roeddwn yn siomedig na wnaeth mwy o bobl fynd amdani. Byddai wedi braf gweld rhywun ifanc (neu iau), neu ferch, neu rhywun o rywle heblaw i Ogledd Cymru yn mynd am y swydd. Er bod nhw'n bersonoliaethau tra gwahanol, roedd yna debygrwydd mawr rhwng DI ac Elfyn a teimlai nifer o bobl y byddent yn hoffi hefyd gweld rhywun tra gwahanol yn sefyll yn erbyn y ddau ohonyt.

Ond dyna ni, wnaeth na neb a rwan mae'r cyfan drosodd. Mi fydd hi'n ddifyr clywed areithiau'r ddau yn y gynhadledd wythnos yma, a gweld yr hyn fydd gan y ddau i gynnig, DI fel Llywydd ac Elfyn fel Arweinydd Seneddol. O leia does yr un o'r ddau yn dal dig - roedda nhw'n siarad yn iawn gyda'u gilydd yn ystod ac wedi'r cyfrif. Dim ond gobeithio fydd yr un peth yn wir am eu cefnogwyr!

Maesbury Part Two

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Maesbury Boat Rally. Even though it rained and many of the organisers plans had to be abandoned because of some evil mud, we had a fantastic time and spirits were high. I managed to open the rally without any major hitches and got a beautiful gift for fulfilling my duties - flowers in a narrowboat shaped ceramic ornament. Plus a plaque to commemorate Monty 08! I also judged the best dressed boat category, which was great fun. People had gone to so much effort, but the winner truly deserved it. They had decorated their narrowboat on a theme - Bob the Builder. The kids loved it, as they could interact with it so it had to win! Luckily others who were far more qualified than me to judge agreed with my choice so I feel happy with the choice I made.

Canal Central
, where the festival took place, was an amazing centre and I urge everyone to visit it some time. There's a beautiful apartment for visitors to stay in upstairs and downstairs consists of a post office, shop and tearoom - all beautifully and tastefully done. Even though its a new building the community love it, and have really taken to the place. It really seems to have revived the village, and gives everyone a place to come together and exchange news and gossip!

Alas, I think the boat rally signalled the beginning and end of my boat judging career but it certainly was fun whilst it lasted. Back to the day job from now on!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Amser am gan fach...

Dwi wedi bod yn paratoi at ein cynhadledd flynyddol ni sydd wythnos nesa drwy'r dydd heddiw, a mae'n mhen i yn slwj erbyn rwan. Wedi dechrau ymlacio drwy wylio un o fy holl ffilimiau - Once. Os da chi heb ei gweld, mae hi wir werth edrych arni. Mae'n od imi ei gwylio gan ein bod wedi ei lleoli yn Nulyn, a mae gymaint o lefydd yn gyfarwydd imi. Dyma'r brif gan o'r ffilm. Gobeithio y gwnewch chi ei mwynhau. Wel, mi roi'i ddwy i fyny yma fel bod chi'n cael blas beth bynnag...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maesbury Boat Rally

I'm doing two things I've never done before this Saturday coming. Unless I've already told you what they are, I doubt you'll guess... If you click on this link, then click on Maesbury rally then general information, you'll see it actually is true and I'm not just a fantasist!

So what am I doing? Well, I'm opening a boat rally at Maesbury. And then I'm judging the best dressed boat competition. Does anybody have any hints for either as I don't actually know what's involved. But I am looking forward to it and feel very honoured to have been asked. Should be fun!

And if you're confused as to why I was asked, well let's just say I was involved in a very unexpected project last year - before being employed by Plaid Cymru - and co-presented a TV series called Waterworld (not to be confused with the Kevin Costner film!), which explored the history of canals in Wales and the Midlands. I was a historian at one point, hence why I was asked to participate. It really was so much fun, and I learnt a hell of a lot about Wales and canals and saw some beautiful places. Alas, I still haven't been on a boating holiday but hope to sometime soon. Maybe I'll be inspired to book one after Saturday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Electric Picnic

I am back in Wales after an amazing few days over in Ireland at the Electric Picnic. It was a three day Art and Musical, almost like a funkier Eisteddfod minus all the competing. And Druids! Though there were plenty of strangely dressed people around in a wide variety of costumes.

My friends know that I am not a big lover of camping. Indeed, I'd also camped for two nights in the whole of my life before this. And do you know what? I didn't mind it all! Luckily my friend Katie had thought of everything and got us a super tent, along with air mattresses and a whole variety of goodies. Plus she knew how to put up a tent! There was even a shop where you could buy newspapers. Heaven! The only minus point was that I had to park ages away from our camping spot, and boy, our bags were heavy. You should have seen us trying to navigate our things yesterday through the mud in a wheelbarrow we'd rented there. Its the best workout I've done in ages and my arms are killing me today!

So about the festival.. it was just so much fun. There were over 32,000 people there, and when you walked in, it looked like a cross between an Eisteddfod and a giant fairy tale theme park. There was such a variety of things to do there, and it was impossible not to find something that appealed. Here are some of my personal highlights, though there were far more things I could list!

This might sound cheesy but one of the highlights was seeing so many of my Irish friends and catching up with them. I haven't had a weekend with Katie for ages, and my friend Beth was over from Australia. It was so good to see both of them, and it made me really reminisce about our time in college. I loved randomly bumping into others I knew, and hearing all about what they were up to and admiring those who have chosen to follow their dreams. Far too many people reach their late twenties and forget their ambitions - I'm always glad to see people doing what they've always said they would, be that travelling, volunteering or pursuing their dream job.

I didn't however just spend my time chatting, I also saw a huge variety of acts. I loved seeing Duffy, the Dublin Gospel Choir, Lisa Hannigan but the best had to be a band that I randomly saw instead of Sinead O'Connor at the Body and Soul Stage at 9pm on the Sunday night. If anyone knows who they were please let me know! I'd greatly appreciate it as I'd love to buy their album. That's how good they were!

I also loved the Comedy Tent (all my favourite comedians from the International Comedy Club in Dublin) , the Cinema, the Singstar tent (yes, I sang a Britney Spears classic with Katie!) and most of all the Silent Disco. If you've never heard about it, a silent disco is a disco with a difference. Everyone is given headphones and you choose what music to listen to and at what volume. Its so funny. You see people dancing and singing along to different songs. Different but a lot of fun! Another big bonus was the food. Waw. Even my favourite restaurant Mao had a stand. Not quite the same as the stalls I'm used to seeing at the Eisteddfod!

Another unusual feature was that their was a hair salon at the festival where you could get your hair and make up done. I went for the rock chick look and loved it! Well, I couldn't go around with messy and dirty hair for three days. Not my style..

There's so many other things I could list but you'll just have to take my word for it that it was truly amazing and check it out for yourself next year! Tickets were quite dear - 240 euro each - but it really was worth every penny. Plus it was lovely to be off work for a few days and feel young again!