Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well, if anyone wants to see me this weekend I'll mostly be behind the bar in the Castle Hotel in Caernarfon. Better than being the other side drinking away for three whole days! For those of you who don't know this, my Mother is now running the place and has been doing so since January. So, whenever I'm not working for Plaid Cymru I can be seen in the pub, helping out. Or baking cakes to sell there!

Talking to the locals about a variety of different issues is far more beneficial to my work than any organised focus group could be. Take for instance the issue of a prison in the area. No one here in the bar knows that I'm involved in researching the plus and minuses of the proposal, so we just chat in general about it. The arguments put forward here have really helped me think about the issue, and realise what people's fears are about it. Also, interestingly, most seem to be in favour of having a prison here. They see the benefits a prison could bring in terms of jobs and so on... Indeed, the only ones I've heard who've been strongly opposed to it are those who live next to the site though they do admit that they weren't happy when there was a factory there either!

But to return to the pub. It has fueled two addictions this summer. No, not alcohol. But the quiz machine and also karaoke. I have reached the point now where I don't care if I'm stone cold sober and singing in front of the whole pub be it morning, noon or night. Amy Winehouse is my current favourite and the best thing ever is that because my Mother owns the place, I can practice when no one else is here and suss out which songs are within my range or not. I know that's cheating slightly, but that's my perfectionist streak for you! And the quiz machine? Well, I've found the puzzler game on it which even has a sudoku option. Fatal. In terms of the machine's ranking, I'm placed from numbers 1 -30. That's how addicted I am!

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