Friday, July 25, 2008

Wow, wow, wow!

I wanted to post this at 2am this morning, but my computer kept crashing. How amazing was the SNP victory in Glasgow East in the early hours of this morning? I am so delighted for them - it was such a stunning victory. Or, as the SNP themselves were calling it, it was a "political earthquake". And who can disagree with that?

Gordon Brown must be quaking in his boots. As the media has been saying, if we saw the same swing in the next general election, Labour would be left with only 1 seat in Scotland and the SNP would have 37!!! I doubt Scottish Independence would be far off if that happened. And it is an actual possibility after this result. Just think if the swing towards the nationalists was repeated in Wales, even on a smaller scale! It would just be mind-blowing...

From a personal perspective, it will be fantastic to have another MP as part of our nationalist team at Westminster. For those of you who aren't aware, I should explain that Plaid Cymru and the SNP form a group at Westminster and we work closely together, staff and members alike. We meet up weekly, and though we might differ on some issues, we on the whole have very similar policies and outlooks so it works extremely well. Since we're such a small group, having one more member will make a huge difference. That's why many Plaid Cymru staff members and members went up to Glasgow to help with the campaign. I would have loved to have gone myself, but personal finances stopped me unfortunately.

The SNP have every right to be celebrating today. Very few people believed they would actually succeed when the by-election was first announced, but they really worked for it. There's a lesson for us all there. The SNP worked hard for every vote, and didn't take any support for granted. Maybe people would have more faith in politicians and politics on the whole if this was the case in every election... Well, I can dream can't I?!


Edward ap Sion said...

Your use of inverted commas with the word 'nationalist' is interesting.

Heledd Fychan said...

Is it really all that interesting? Or is it just the way I wrote it in a hurry! Just in case anyone else over analyses my writing style, I'll remove them just for you... :o)