Thursday, July 3, 2008

MEPs Exposed!

My friend Jarlath sent me a link to a German news report which looks at the alleged abuse of attendance expenses at the European Parliament. Don't worry if you don't speak German (I don't either) - there are subtitles!

The report shows a number of MEPs signing an attendance register in order to qualify for a daily allowance at the European Parliament in Strasbourg at 7am in the morning. The vast majority are carrying suitcases and are very obviously in a hurry to reach the airport so that they can fly home.

Its well worth sticking with the video as some MEPs, upon seeing the camera, look just like a rabbit caught in headlights! Some hide their faces or run away. The best has to be the German Green MEP Hilturd Breyer who covers her face and bangs into a wall whilst trying to escape the camera. Classic!

Despite being properly accredited and authorised to film within the parliament, the reporter is escorted from the building by seven security guards which seems quite excessive. Luckily for us in Plaid, Jill Evans is nowhere to be seen! In fact, she's one of the few ones fighting for greater transparency within the parliament... After seeing this report, I have to say that she most definitely has a point!

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Daithí said...

This is hilarious. Worth noting that the Irish MEP Kathy Sinnott (who despite a campaign of people's rights and anti-establishment is in a group with UKIP and friends - eeugh) is also in a starring role, claiming that she had already worked 7 hours. At 7am. And suggesting that she might sue. I almost hope that she does just for the laughs...