Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Calling Dr Who

Quick one this. On last week's episode, a phone number was shown as mankind attempted to contact the Doctor. Supposedly, around 2,500 people tried to ring it before it was announced it was fake. Angry fans have been expressing their disappointment that nothing special happened when they called it. What did they expect? David Tennant himself? Or maybe a Dalek?

Who'd be watching Dr Who with a pen and paper just in case a number came up? Or even worse, who'd watch it back and press pause just in order to get a fake number? There's only word to describe those oddballs: saddos! Get a life and stop complaining about a fictional programme! They did not deceive you and they didn't con you... Seriously, its worrying that people react far more to television programmes than they do to real life at times!

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