Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Planning Bill

The Planning Bill is being debated in parliament this afternoon, and I'm shocked that only a handful of MPs are in the chamber. One of the MPs I work for, Elfyn Llwyd, was on the committee for the bill and I'm glad to see him in the chamber, putting his opinions forward. Rightly so, he opposes a number of elements within the bill which will, if passed, actually make the planning process even less democratic than it is now! And that's certainly saying something...

We still don't know who the people on the IPC - who would have most of the decision making powers - will be. We also don't have any guarantee that this bill won't infringe on some of the Assembly's decision making powers in this regard... And also, there's the whole issue that nuclear power stations could now be built far easier.

It always makes me worry about any politicial decision when the Sun newspaper comes out firmly in support of a bill. And that's what happened this morning: Is anyone else even more concerned about this bill after reading that?!

Yet again, here I am wishing people would vote on the basis of common sense and logic and oppose yet another ridiculous bill rather than voting the way their bosses are telling them to. And by bosses, I mean Brown and co rather than their actual bosses - the voters. Doesn't Labour realise that this is exactly why they are losing support? MPs need to start taking decisions which are in the best interest of the people who elected them. The government shouldn't automatically win every vote. A true democracy relies on a government winning and losing votes after a case has been argued and won or lost. Surely, its not just me who'd like to see politics going back to basics and operating on such a basis?!

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