Friday, June 27, 2008

Lembit Opik = idiot

Is it just me, or is there anyone else out there wondering how the hell this man is still an MP? All I ever see him doing is posing with his very cheeky fiancee. He always has this stupid, awkward grin on his face and she's there, posing next to him (usually with her twin sister) in ridiculously tiny outfits which five year old girls might wear to fancy dress parties if they were allowed to dress themselves without any guidance. I honestly believe its disrespectful to his constituency and his constituents that he seems far more interested in becoming a celebrity rather than doing his best for them, as he should be.

Being an MP is an honour. There's so much good you can achieve in that position which will have an impact on local people. You shouldn't become one in the hope that you'll become a celebrity. Indeed, if you're an MP and you're regularly appearing in celebrity gossip magazines rather than the good old Daily Post or the Western Mail, or even Farmers Weekly, then you should be asking yourself some serious questions. You should not be revelling in it.

A few weeks ago, during a Welsh Grand Committee meeting, Lembit Opik was spotted reading intently. And his magazine of choice? OK or Hello magazine. Seriously. During a debate about Wales, that was his main concern. Its not good enough, and if I was one of his constituents and I ever saw him in a newsagents, I'd grab a copy of either magazine and hit him over the head with it.

He also has a terrible habit of popping in to debates at parliament rather than staying for their full duration. As a result, he often makes the most ridiculous comments which have no relevance to the subject under discussion. Yet, every time he does this, its noted that he's spoken. He can then say to his constituents that he's spoken so many times on different issues. What they don't realise is that there's no substance to those contributions and, therefore, he's not ensuring that the opinions of his constituents are adequately and properly relayed to Parliament. This following quote from a debate last Wednesday is a classic:

"Lembit Öpik: I am grateful to the Minister for giving way to me, and I shall be brief. He mentioned the public's right to be heard, but many people are worried about how areas subject to flooding and standing water are handled. Is he confident that the new planning process will give local residents the opportunity to have their opinions heard before the Environment Agency turns an area into a standing water flood plain?

John Healey: I rather regret giving way to the hon. Gentleman now, as he has a habit of coming in halfway through a debate and going off half-cocked. The Bill does not cover those matters, nor does it touch that part of the planning system."

If you have any relatives in Montgomeryshire, please point these things out to them. They deserve better. And no, Sian Lloyd hasn't paid me to say this in case you were wondering!


Arnie Craven said...

'Being an MP is an honour.'

Spot on. That is the big problem, really, because it appears that Lembit Opik doesn't think in those terms, instead seeing his role as nothing more than a route to celebrity and riches, a way to get noticed by the media.

An MP should be a serious figure, someone who commands respect and admiration. Mr Opik doesn't fit the bill, sadly.

Paul said...

You do realise that his funny jaw is due to a near faital acedient ten years ago and is not just him looking daft?

Heledd Fychan said...

Its the actual grin that I'm commenting on! He just always seems to look so smug.. And stupid. Surely you've seen his poses in celeb magazines? And his cheeky girl is just as bad!

Anonymous said...

Surely his days as an MP must be numbered? ...his insatiable desire for celebrity seems to overshadow everything else. Montgomeryshire deserves better!

Heledd Fychan said...

I certainly agree with you on that one! I was reading an article about him in the tabloids on Sunday. Apparently, the cheeky girls now have a series on Living tv or at least a programme and they show him proposing to her. He then, apparently, gushes saying "I can't believe someone so famous would want to be with me". Its not like she's J.K.Rowling or an A list Hollywood actress is it? Even someone who appears in Coronation Street or Eastenders in far more famous and well respected than her!

Anonymous said...

But will he be voted back in Powys?
Uncle Glyn Davies may defeat him.
Wales would be dull without Opik?
Conservatives held Powys in 1979.
Hope they do it again? No!

Michael said...

sad news indeed:

Heledd Fychan said...

If this story is true, I honestly have some new found respect for the girl. Though, call me cynical, there may well be a five page spread in Hello or Ok magazine in two week's time all about their split and how they got back together because they can't bear to be apart!