Friday, June 27, 2008

Ha ha...

Sorry, but I can't help but have a little giggle this morning after seeing the results of the Henley by-election last night. Labour was fifth! That's even worse than the fourth position they feared... Actually quite scary that even the BNP beat them. I'm starting to think even Plaid Cymru could have done better than Labour if we'd put up a candidate for Boris Johnson's old seat!

Its quite shocking how quickly Labour's support has disintegrated since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister an exact year ago to today. I doubt there will be many celebrations to mark the occasion at Downing Street. I think Gordon Brown would probably hit anyone who dared present him with a birthday cake today - or at the very least dunk their heads into it! It just proves that you can never get too big for your boots as a political party, or ever dare to take public support for granted. Honestly, after 1997, I thought it would be at least another 18 years before we'd see a Conservative government. It just seemed totally inconceivable that the Tories would be able to pose a serious threat to Labour within a decade. At least one thing has remained constant in British politics in that time. The Lib Dems are as stagnant as ever!


rhydion said...

You should study politcal history more!

Labour always antagonize when in power.

Only the global boom kept them going this long.

Lib/Lab merger sooner than thought possible!

Heledd Fychan said...

I did study political science and history! Its just that the Tories were sooooo unpopular in 1997. Thought people wouldn't forget that quite so quickly! I was obviously away in Ireland for far too long and unaware of quite how bad things were getting. But still, 5th behind BNP? No one could have predicted things would get quite so bad for them within eleven years!

huw said...

Another terrible day for Brown, I just can't see a way out for him. However I can't see the Lib Dems merging with Labour (once quite seriously proposed by New Labour). After all would you want to be associated with Gordon Brown?

rhydion said...

lol, I was joking!

Still, a couple of Tory general election victories; a large BNP vote in England, the SNP dominating Scotland and yes I can foresee a Lib/Lab merger.

As for Wales? time will tell!