Wednesday, June 11, 2008


George Orwell's book has become synonymous to the world we live in today, especially since the Labour party came into government in 1997. Its frightening to think the degree to which our civil liberties have eroded since then, all in the name of course of making our communities safer. Only, that strategy is obviously not working. Our streets are getting more dangerous by the day. Indeed, people have to be constantly on guard even in our most rural societies. Schools aren't even safe, and our Dr's and nurses get attacked daily, let alone the police, fighterfighters and paramedics - all of whom should be respected for the services they provide us. The world's just gone crazy!

Something is fudamentally wrong, and its frightening me to see that the UK government are happy to pursue similar policies. Ok, so tabloids are more than happy to constantly scaremonger about crime and offer right wing extreme solutions but where are those Labour politicians who are proposing real and effective solutions?

Simply clamping down and passing more and more laws that allow the state to spy on us or restrict our lives isn't right. And why aren't more people speaking out against it? It seems to me that freedom of speech is fastly disappearing. Any one who speaks out is seen as an annoyance, and the apathy in Britain today is shocking. Even good investigative journalism is becoming a thing of the past, and there are very few people willing to take a stance these days.

Laws such as extending the number of days in which you can detain a terrorist suspect without charge from 28 to 42 are just insane. How do you define a terrorist? Could a language activist end up in that category one day? Or just someone who's displaying eccentric tendencies?

I think this Labour government would be happy to strip away everyone's individuality and force us just to become some boring clones, who can't think for ourselves and never object to anything. And even if we do want to object, we won't be able to do so as the system won't allow it. What's being proposed in the Planning Bill is a perfect example of that...

I hope people truly start to realise what's going on and begin taking an active role in politics before we really do turn into a 1984 society. We cannot let fiction become a reality. Personally, I feel that by strengthening the devolution process, Wales will be able to withstand this threat. Bring on the referendum and pray to god (anyone of them) that we win it!

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